America Closing Sales Gap in EV Marketplace

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Electric vehicle sales continue to rise.

Electric vehicle sales continue to rise.

Global sales of electric vehicles continues to climb and the American consumer base is closing the gap on Europe for the No. 2 market in the world.

Overall, the sales of electrified vehicles grew by 64% in 2018 and helped push the total number of those on the roads to greater than two million total units for the first time in history. The total market share of EVs hit 2.2% with as high as a 3.8% share of all vehicles sold to close the year. The two major divisions broke down as 69% of sales being all-electric models and 31% being plug-in hybrids.

Growth in America was fueled by a late-year surge in buying. The 138,000 models purchased represented a staggering share of the 158,00 total EVs sold in America in 2018. With that surge, the market in the United States grew 79% in 2018 and up from 200,000 units on the road to 358,000.

Europe has slightly slower growth, increasing its total growth by 34% from 306,000 units to 409,000. Researchers believe that there was market slowdown due to supply constraints in larger markets and pointed to triple-digit increases in South and Central Europe, as well as recovery in The Netherlands, as reasons for optimism. Moreover, the projections indicate as much as 30,000 more units could have been sold if they were made available in European markets.

Norway continued to pace the European market for EVs with Germany, Sweden, Iceland, and the United Kingdom rounding out the rest of the major players.

China continues to comprise over half of the total electric vehicles on the roads as it has nearly 1.2M electrified vehicles, which is up 78% from 663,000 the year prior. China accounted for 56% of all plug-in sales with that number being more than 100% growth over the previous 12 months.

China has also proved to be a bit of a closed market as the country only exported 2,500 vehicles and only imported about 24,000.

Where China is showing tremendous growth, Japan has regressed for the second consecutive year, dropping 6% from 56,000 EVs to 53,000.

The drop in Japan is based in large part to the Toyota Prius Plug-In being in steep decline within that market as excluding that product shows 38% growth of mainly the LEAF and Outlander products.

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