More EVs Than Fossil-Fueled Cars Hitting The Roads

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Electric vehicle on road

Electric vehicle on road

Norway was already a leader in the electric vehicle industry, but with the release of other electric vehicles, it has separated further from the pack.

A recently released report shows that over half of the car sales in the Scandinavian country are EVs. According to the report from the Norwegian Road Federation, 58% of the total new vehicle registrations are electric vehicles -- ballooned by 29 percent of the total being the Model 3.

Norway paces all of Europe for total EVs mentioned here, followed by Germany, Sweden, Iceland, and the United Kingdom, and leads the world in per inhabitant ratio of EVs on the road. It is largely due to the fact that Norway has aggressive incentives for EV buyers.

As a governing body, the Norwegians exempt new elective cars from almost all taxes. It also grants fringe benefits including thousands of dollars in tax breaks, free or subsidized parking, free recharging, as well as free use of toll roads, ferries and tunnels.

Ola Elvestuen, the Climate and Environment Minster of Norway, said that the reasoning for this tax-break philosophy is simple: cost reduction.

"It should always be cheaper to have a zero emissions car than a regular car," he told the Associated Press in this article in December.

“What is important is that our aim is not just to give incentives. It is that we are taxing emissions from regular cars.”

Norway is in the middle of a plan to only sell zero-emission cars by 2025, which would mark a remarkable run as only 6% of vehicles sold in Norway during 2013 were EVs.

New EV releases helped spark a run of EV success in the United States as it was the largest seller in 2018 as it accounted for 138,000 of the 158,000 EVs bought in America.

Early returns, the nearly 1,000 purchased in the first quarter of 2019, signified that it will have an influence. CleanTechnica reports here that 31% of all new car deliveries into Norway were from Tesla and that 58% of all deliveries into the country were EVs.

Currently the Nissan Leaf is the No. 1 car in the market, the Volkswagen Gulf at No. 2, and BBWi3 closing out the top three, before the Tesla Model X.

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